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    From preschool to high school, children need plenty of sleep to perform well in school. Lack of sleep can lead to health and even behavioral problems, as well as affect a student's ability to make good grades
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    Employees join in the fun with cupcakes and party favors at OMRF's 68th birthday party on Thursday.
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    So long as you are not headed to Africa, you should have little to fear from the current Ebola outbreak.
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    OMRF's Dr. Mark Coggeshall receives $14.5 million grant renewal to extend work with anthrax bacteria. Findings may help develop methods for controlling MRSA and strep, as well.
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    While people everywhere are pouring icy water on their heads to raise awareness of ALS, an OMRF scientist is working hard to find new treatments for the deadly neurological disease.
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    Vitamin D, the "sunshine vitamin," protects the body from disease and strengthens bones. Researchers also are learning how low levels of the nutrient may affect symptoms of autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
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    Seminars will focus on ways estate planners, attorneys and CPAs can assist clients who wish to build gifting into their estate plans.
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